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Most Wanted Fine Art

Most Wanted Fine Art -  #mostwantedfineartMost Wanted Fine Art is a community service organization disguised as an art gallery. Since opening in 2007, this gallery, studio, and performance space has exhibited over 40,000 works of art and represented around 150+ artists a year. In conjunction with Goodwill of Southwestern PA MWFA provides general contracting training to young men recently released from prison. They earn a wage while learning a trade. MWFA builds homes and community everyday.  

Jessica is a Resident Artist at MWFA, and in general, these are some of our favorite people!

Nathan Mazur is a creative professional living and working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His chief expertise is combining imaginative ideas with a technical mindset to produce work that appeals to both the left and right brain. His work has appeared on television, books, record albums, clothing, and online.

Nathan's hobbies include drawing and painting, television and movies, herpetoculture, grilling various meats, playing bass and ukulele in local bands, and maintaining his status as a cereal enthusiast.

Nathan does our logo and all of the good looking graphics and posters (Jessica does the crappy ones).

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