Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Vendor Spotlight! Pittsburgh Wicks!

Vendor Spotlight! Pittsburgh Wicks!

We hand pour all of our soy candles and scent with custom blended fragrance oils in our candle studio. We blend earthy scents, fresh scents, aromatherapy scents and intention scents. We will also blend a specific scent especially for you. Wedding and baby shower favor packages will soon be available!

Vendor Spotlight! Ink Division Printing!

Vendor Spotlight! Ink Division Printing!

Custom Screenprinting. If you're just looking for basic nice t-shirts, then we'll just supply the standard style we typically use, but if you're looking for v-necks, long sleeves, hoodies, zip-ups, etc, then just let us know and we'll help you find the right item.

To launch our full product catalog just go to Our Online Catalog There you'll be able to browse colors, see item specs, and see the base price of the items. Keep in mind those prices are for the blank items, but will help you find something in your project's budget. Questions? Don't hesitate to ask. Don't have artwork yet and want to design online right now? Head straight to our online design tool here, custom.inkdivisionprinting.com.

We are setup to work with alstyle, alternative & american apparel. So if you have a specific item in mind from one of those brands, just get us an item number and we'll be happy to get you a price. Keep in mind that not everything those companies sell is available wholesale, but most of the tees, crews & zip-ups are available. If you've got a question about any item from any of those companies just let us know.

Vendor Spotlight! Normand Homestead!

Vendor Spotlight! Normand Homestead!

We are a small family farm inSlippery Rock, Pennsylvania. We raise a small herd of goats that provide our family fresh goat milk. We use this milk to make natural soap and lotion made with simple ingredients.

Vendor Spotlight! Trilodeon!

Vendor Spotlight! Trilodeon!

Trilodeon's transformational arts are tools designed to help explore your evolution and are created for your everyday use. Find unique and magical creations to propel you on your path: mystical creature dream pillows, sacred geometry coasters, aroma-therapy eye pillows, artful apparel, home decor, and inspiration galore. We are committed to sustainability and all our wares are created with environmentally friendly practices and materials.

Vendor Spotlight! Forge & Finish!

Vendor Spotlight! Forge & Finish!

Three jewelry designers. Three artistic visions. Forge & Finish represents a union kindled by the promise of producing handcrafted, skillfully-made pieces for people who seek and covet accessories made by designers with a sharp eye for detail. Marrying traditional metal smithing techniques with mold-making and slab-forming is the core of Forge & Finish Studio. The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based studio is home to Bombita Designs, Demure de Rigueur, and Lace Army. These three companies together form a basis for where you can buy jewelry from collections that are easily mix-and-matched providing endless options and fresh looks. Their online shop is the perfect place for individuals to accessorize a versatile wardrobe, or for procuring one-of-a-kind gifts. At Forge & Finish you will find that some jewelry begins as metal sheet, rod, wire and tubing. Others are molded and formed from clay or concrete. Whichever medium at hand, the women behind Forge & Finish have developed a special exercise to spawn cohesive collections whilst harnessing their innate artistic impulses. The process starts with a part crafted by one designer, which then gets passed through the hands and added onto by the other designers. The result is a collaborative piece mounted amidst the work space and looked upon to inspire the next collection. This process is important to gathering the minds in a flux, ambitious state, and serves to strengthen the bond between the women of Forge & Finish.

Vendor Spotlight! Burgheoisie Boutique!

Vendor Spotlight! Burgheoisie Boutique!

Burgheoisie is a lifestyle brand that imparts a sense of beauty, optimism and discovery to our customer. For them, Burgheoisie is an escape from the everyday; it is a source of inspiration and delight, where innovative merchandising and a curated array of products come together to create an experience that expands the consumer’s senses.

As an ally of the Burgheoisie, our customer appreciates conscientious practices, invoking old tradition, and values progressive concepts to formulate a holistic world view. Burgheoisie products are an expression of our designer and customer’s fondness for good design, practical utility, and escape from the norm.

Our designers travel the world to uncover special products and collaborate with talented artisans. Our assortment includes clothing, accessories, beauty, home furnishings, found objects, gifts and d├ęcor that exhibit influences ranging from vintage to global.

Vendor Spotlight! Cloonanware Pottery!

Vendor Spotlight! Cloonanware Pottery!
Jen Cloonan is a Pittsburgh-based potter. She makes dishes, plates, cups, jugs, bowls and anything that can be hand-thrown and glazed at high temperatures.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Vendor Spotlight! E. Ward!!!


Vendor Spotlight! 100% Polyverse!

A word from Ten & Arlo:

We are Ten and Arlo, a husband and wife team from Pittsburgh, PA, with a love of synthetics and mid-century aesthetics.  We live in a Cape Cod style home built in 1946 with two fabulous felines, Maggie and the Bean.  We call our brand – which includes our Etsy shop and various social media platforms – 100% Polyverse, which for us represents a total commitment to sustainable living and vintage style.  We believe in making the past accessible.
When we’re not doing vintage, we’re librarians with a host of other web projects.

Vendor Spotlight! Hey Baby Boutique!

Hey Baby! Boutique.  Selling custom one of a kind hairbows, head bands, Children's clothing (ionesies, tees, dresses, skirts, etc), Burp Cloths, Tagg Blankets, Teething Rings, ect. 

Custom Orders Welcome and Encouraged.

Vendor Spotlight! Diva Kittky Dolls!

18" Doll Clothes, Raggedy Ann & Andy Dolls and Kid's Pillowcases. All materials are machine wash & dry unless otherwise indicated. All outfits are $15-17.


Vendor Spotlight! Tanya Chasse!

Jewelry and other Creations by Tanya L.Chasse
"Being Creative Heals and Soothes the Soul"

Vendor Spotlight! AKP Screening!

They're local, and AWESOME sports fans!


Vendor Spotlight: ARTchaeology!

ARTchaelogy FEATURED ITEMS: ARTchaeology also has authentic vintage items besides our handcrafted items,

Vendor Spotlight! Naked Bombshell!

Naked Bombshell is a natural bath and body company that intensifies your natural beauty, bringing out the ravishing, gorgeous, confident bombshell, you already are. 

Vendor Spotlight! Veda Laine Designs!

Handmade earrings, pendants,necklaces and bracelets. All pieces made with Sterling silver, natural gemstones and extreme gratitude, all by Veda Laine!

Vendor Spotlight! WERK, a Jenn Gooch Production!

Textiles and Wearables by Jenn Gooch.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Valentine's Day - I know, RIGHT?

Go on, punch me in the face.  I know you are all focused on just getting through the holidays right now, but I wanted to give you a heads up that we have a February event planned already... just so you know we'll be sticking around for awhile for extra crafty love.

Vendor Spotlight! Gertie's Attic!

Vendor Spotlight! Gertie's Attic!
Erin is an awesome Pittsburgh gal who makes beautiful handmade vintage-inspired jewelry. Come and check out her amazing work at the Second Shift Crafters Event on 11/29!

Vendor Spotlight! Hip Modern Soap!

Vendor Spotlight! Hip Modern Soap!
A few words from Carrie:
“We make some dope soap, and it's the real deal. A variety of moisturizing oils, a little lye, some funky colors and mouth-watering scents (do not eat this soap...shouldn't have to tell you that, but there it is) all whipped up from scratch will have you washing like a fool and smelling like a million bucks, and squeaky clean to boot.
Our product is vegan, sustainable, cruelty-free, God-fearin', child-rearin', pants-droppin', eye-poppin', out-of-rhymes Steel City goodness. Go on, treat yourself.”

Vendor Spotlight! Marcel & Wayne!

Vendor Spotlight! Wayne & Marcel!!!
Wayne Wise is an author, comic guru, and all around amazing storyteller.
Marcel Walker is a freelance artist specializing in illustration, graphic design and photography.
They are also superheroes...

Wayne and Marcel are also key contributors to the Chutz-Pow Exhibit. In collaboration with the ToonSeum, the Holocaust Center created an exhibit entitled Chutz-Pow! Superheroes of the Holocaust that launched in the summer of 2014. This exhibit, accompanied by an original superhero comic book, honors Holocaust survivors, resistance fighters and liberators by transforming the traditional model of Holocaust education into an interactive storytelling experience. The exhibit, which employs comic book–style art, shows the consequences of discrimination and hate. The project demonstrates how individuals can become UpStanders, people who take action to help others when no one else will. An UpStander is the opposite of a bystander.

Vendor Spotlight! FabricBunches!

Vendor Spotlight! Fabric Bunches!
Cloth Diapering and Eco-Friendly! Here’s a few words from Jen:
“Several years ago, I found a pattern for an apron that I loved and quickly became obsessed! I loved looking for two materials that fit together and turning them into something practical! Soon, however, I realized that I had a LOT of aprons and nothing to do with them. When a friend asked for one as a bridal shower present, I realized that there might be a market for the aprons! Hence the beginning of FabricBunches!
Even though I wasn't successful at first, I revisited my shop on Etsy early on in 2013 due to the birth of my son. We decided to cloth diaper our son and I quickly realized that it was hard to find cloth diaper pail liners for different size pails. Once I realized that I could make my own, I realized that I had found my niche.
Since then, I have added an eco-friendly aspect. My family is trying to reduce our footprint, and I like the idea of helping others reduce theirs. “

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Vendor Spotlight: Passer Glass

Passer Glass Company offers contemporary handmade studio glass products for home, business and public spheres. They specialize in original artwork, lighting, tableware, and architectural installations.

Passer Glass have adapted various methods borrowed from printmaking and contemporary glass kilnwork to create a unique line of 100% fused glass products. They use no paint or inks. All of the products are 100% certified Bullseye fusible glass. The products are physically stable and food safe. Hand wash with a soft cloth and soap.

Come and see Passer Glass Company on November 29th at the SSC Holiday Event! Check out their Etsy page for a taste of what's to come, like this super awesome Coaster Set!

Vendor Spotlight: Angela Rocco

Vendor Spotlight! 

Angela Rocco Photography & Such: Original photography, handmade jewelry & accessories using photography & images. Items range from $1-$20. 

Angela is a local Pittsburgh artisan who has been hustling for many years. Not only is she an artisan, but she is Hellga from The It's Alive Show, and also one of the organizers of the annual Zombie Walk!

Here is Angela's Etsy page, so you can see an example of some of the items she will be selling at our Holiday Event, like this amazing original photograph in frame.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Other Links

What, with all of the super exciting press we've been getting lately, we wanted to make sure all of you new SSC'ers have the link to our Facebook page, where we have a whole bunch of exciting information and fun.

Can't wait to meet all of you on November 29th!  Hop on over to our Event Page and RSVP!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Food Trucks!

We are so happy to have Lomito and Burgh Bites Food Trucks joining us for our event on November 29th at 3401 Liberty Ave from 12-6p!

RSVP here, and keep up on the latest news!

Our Inaugural Event!

Don't miss our amazing first event!  Be a PART of the revolution!

Who Are We?

Second Shift Crafters.  Who are we?  We are a renegade group of crafters who don’t believe in limits. You are local to Pittsburgh, and you make crafts? Let’s Do This! 

Basically, we're just trying to elevate our local community and be more about local, and less about "pizazz".  We totally just kicked this off in Fall 2014, and this first holiday event is us just getting our legs, so it's rough around the edges - totally Second Shift!  We all have day jobs, but we're working when we can to make some art and prettiness in this world.  SSC has a crazy amount of events planned for 2015, as well as helping our family of artisans break into some brick and mortar establishments.  But it’s always going to be about elevating and HUSTLING.

We are determined to be part of the revolution of Local Pittsburgh Awesomeness.  We are partnered with Most Wanted Fine Art, Rock Bottom Brewery, Maggie's Farm, ModCloth, and all sorts of local crafters and artists to basically be all about Pittsburgh artisans - not about bringing people in from other cities, nor about peddling resale companies or third party businesses.  We're just here for fun, and some small business spotlights.

I really hope you'll join us and hang out!  We're going to have such fun, and November 29th is just the beginning!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Second Shift Crafters are HERE!

Our Mission:

We are a renegade group of crafters who don’t believe in limits. You are local to Pittsburgh, and you make crafts? Let’s Do This! 

We are all so busy, yet we are all so crafty! But time – TIME! Do what you can WHEN you can. Can’t make every show? Whatevs! We’ll catch you when you’re ready.

Do what you need to do in life, and then, on your Second Shift, make some mother-effing art. Do what you need to do to make you YOU.

Second Shift Crafters are here to high-five you. We are here to support and encourage you. We are here to help.

We are currently housed by local businesses who allow us to vend our wares and we all collectively promote to bring more people to our home-grown community. You are part of the whole family of SSC.

We partner with local beer and booze companies to bring you and your customers some uplifting spirits, but also to educate on how these local spirits are made. AND, you can learn more about how to be a part of these ventures by labeling, touring, and sampling these taste sensations!

We partner with local foodies, restaurants, and food trucks to bring you the latest in awesome foods to try AND much needed sustenance! Local foods = good moods! No need to take a gamble on a new restaurant; you’ve already tried them!

And above all, you are part of our family. You might not be able to make every event, but we will always be here for you. We are committed to always being the place for local crafters. We’re not a Pop-Up, and we’re not an occasional event. We are part of an ongoing COMMUNITY.