Sunday, November 23, 2014

Vendor Spotlight! Marcel & Wayne!

Vendor Spotlight! Wayne & Marcel!!!
Wayne Wise is an author, comic guru, and all around amazing storyteller.
Marcel Walker is a freelance artist specializing in illustration, graphic design and photography.
They are also superheroes...

Wayne and Marcel are also key contributors to the Chutz-Pow Exhibit. In collaboration with the ToonSeum, the Holocaust Center created an exhibit entitled Chutz-Pow! Superheroes of the Holocaust that launched in the summer of 2014. This exhibit, accompanied by an original superhero comic book, honors Holocaust survivors, resistance fighters and liberators by transforming the traditional model of Holocaust education into an interactive storytelling experience. The exhibit, which employs comic book–style art, shows the consequences of discrimination and hate. The project demonstrates how individuals can become UpStanders, people who take action to help others when no one else will. An UpStander is the opposite of a bystander.

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