Sunday, November 23, 2014

Vendor Spotlight! FabricBunches!

Vendor Spotlight! Fabric Bunches!
Cloth Diapering and Eco-Friendly! Here’s a few words from Jen:
“Several years ago, I found a pattern for an apron that I loved and quickly became obsessed! I loved looking for two materials that fit together and turning them into something practical! Soon, however, I realized that I had a LOT of aprons and nothing to do with them. When a friend asked for one as a bridal shower present, I realized that there might be a market for the aprons! Hence the beginning of FabricBunches!
Even though I wasn't successful at first, I revisited my shop on Etsy early on in 2013 due to the birth of my son. We decided to cloth diaper our son and I quickly realized that it was hard to find cloth diaper pail liners for different size pails. Once I realized that I could make my own, I realized that I had found my niche.
Since then, I have added an eco-friendly aspect. My family is trying to reduce our footprint, and I like the idea of helping others reduce theirs. “

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