Monday, November 10, 2014

Who Are We?

Second Shift Crafters.  Who are we?  We are a renegade group of crafters who don’t believe in limits. You are local to Pittsburgh, and you make crafts? Let’s Do This! 

Basically, we're just trying to elevate our local community and be more about local, and less about "pizazz".  We totally just kicked this off in Fall 2014, and this first holiday event is us just getting our legs, so it's rough around the edges - totally Second Shift!  We all have day jobs, but we're working when we can to make some art and prettiness in this world.  SSC has a crazy amount of events planned for 2015, as well as helping our family of artisans break into some brick and mortar establishments.  But it’s always going to be about elevating and HUSTLING.

We are determined to be part of the revolution of Local Pittsburgh Awesomeness.  We are partnered with Most Wanted Fine Art, Rock Bottom Brewery, Maggie's Farm, ModCloth, and all sorts of local crafters and artists to basically be all about Pittsburgh artisans - not about bringing people in from other cities, nor about peddling resale companies or third party businesses.  We're just here for fun, and some small business spotlights.

I really hope you'll join us and hang out!  We're going to have such fun, and November 29th is just the beginning!

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